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news - longevity of amalgams and composites

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the longevity of class I and II amalgam and composite resin restorations placed in a general practice.

Patient records were used for collecting the data which included date of placement and reasons for failure of 2,867 class I and II amalgam and composite resin restorations placed in 621 patients by two operators between 1990 and 1997. Totals of 912 amalgam restorations (502 by operator 1 and 412 by operator 2) and 1,955 posterior composite resin restorations (1,470 by operator 1 and 485 by operator 2) were placed. During the observation period 182 amalgam and 259 posterior composite resin restorations failed, the main reasons for which were caries (34%), endodontic treatment (12%) and fracture of the tooth (13%). Life tables calculated from the data revealed a survival for composite resin of 91.7% at 5 years and 82.2% at 10 years; and for amalgam 89.6% and 79.2% respectively. Analysis showed a significant effect of the number of restored surfaces on the survival of the restorations. No significant effect of operator, material as well as a combination of material and oeprator was found.

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